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Douglas S. Zumbrun

4630 S 900 E

Upland, Indiana 46989

(765) 997-8486

OBJECTIVE: A position in programming or systems analysis using skills from many years of experience in all areas of software engineering, program analysis, testing and customer support, supported by the ability and enthusiasm in learning new languages and programming environments..


BA degree in Computer Science at Ball State University, Muncie, Indiana completed December of 1998. Related coursework in Management Information Systems. G.P.A. was 3.38


1987 to 2020:

Senior PC Programmer/Analyst/Database Administrator

Commercial Business Systems, Inc., Marion, IN

Maintained an existing accounts receivables system on IBM compatible PC and PC network systems including Windows 98 and Windows XP networks. Provided substantial updates and troubleshooting for the existing code.

Solely redesigned, coded and tested the conversion of the existing Accounts Receivables system from GW-BASIC to Visual Basic and MS Access database..

Designed, coded and tested scripts to interact with the ESRI mapping system using the Avenue programming language.

Designed, coded and tested a Document Management System which integrated with the existing Unix and Windows systems using Visual Basic.

Designed, coded and tested a point-of-sale system from the ground up for Windows Mobile 2003 Handheld computers using Visual Studio .Net 2003. Redesigned and coded the same system in native Android using java, XML and PHP. Redesi cgned the same system again using PowerBuilder, PHP scripts and MySQL.

Assisted in the design and coding of the legacy Accounts Receivables System using PowerBuilder and MySQL.

Designed Google Map interfaces for a Route Management Utility using CSS and PHP for integration by the existing Accounts Receivables System.

Designed a Web Portal System for the customer's clients to access data using PHP, Java, MySQL and Ajax.

Provided phone support on a nationwide basis for all applicable programs.


Programming Languages

Twenty years of expertise in the GW-BASIC programming language and the MS-DOS environment.

Visual Basic 6.0 – six years experience

IRIS Basic and Unibasic - 10 years experience.

dL4, a Fourth Generation database language – 10 years experience11.

PowerBuilder – 11 years experience.

Java, PHP, Ajax – 5 years experience.


Familiar with IBM compatible PC hardware setups and configurations relating to programming and machine installation including peer-to-peer networks.


MySQL- 11 years experience.

Software Support

Over 30 years experience in nationwide software support of existing systems.


Assembled and maintained various of Windows peer to peer networking systems.

Other Skills:

Fluent in spoken and written German.